Students present a contemporary social issue, tracing its historical antecedents

Students present a contemporary social issue, tracing its historical antecedents and alternative definitions of the issue to stimulate critical thinking about the way social issues are currently framed. This is an assignment that looks at social practice and policy at the MACRO level. We are looking at the impact of social policy from a macro level and how it effects organizations and communities. Assignment Description: Identify a social issue that you would like to focus on. This can be any issue that is affecting organizations and communities at the macro level. Once you have identified the problem, complete the following to guide your work. This assignment can either be written as a traditional paper or done on Adobe Spark Page. Part I: Describe & Reflect on the Social Issue Describe the problem, including scope and impact How widespread is the problem? To whom is it a problem? What impact does this problem have on those with the problem? What impact does this problem have on the larger society? Using course concepts, explain how this concern constitutes a form of injustice (e.g., human rights, economic, environmental) and, using an intersectional framework, consider the relevant structural factors that contribute to the disproportionate impact on a specific population. Who is affected by the problem and how? Why is the problem thought to exist? (Give examples of different points of view and include your sources). Who is instrumental in problem definition? Whose values and interests seem to be significant? Based on the above point, indicate whether or not you think there is consensus on the cause(s) of the problem? Part II: Analyze Responses to the Social Issue (i.e. policy) What is currently being done to address the problem? Identify at least one existing or proposed social policy and or program that relates to that problem. Using a policy analysis framework (Chapt 3 of textbook), discuss potential gaps, critiques, or unintended consequences of one of the policies you identified. Part III: Reflection Discuss how your social location, values, AND your role as a social worker may impact: your own perspective on the social welfare problem/ social policy your ability to work with the community impacted by this problem

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