should be in APA style and include a bibliography. Ethnography Study (35 pts) KE

should be in APA style and include a bibliography.
Ethnography Study (35 pts) KEY ASSESSMENT ANTH201
An ethnography is a holistic research study of an ethnic group, with a focus on a social/cultural issue. For the purposes of this assignment you must choose a culture/nationality different from your own and conduct an ethnographic study using various methods (interviews, kinship and social network charts, and archival history). Final Ethnography research paper must be submitted to Bb in installments according to the schedule indicated in your syllabus. Your completed ethnographic study must include all the following (In this format):
Proposal: (5 Points – Due Date 9/10)
1. Choose/identify one NYC ethnic group (not racial group) that you would like to research this semester. Make sure this is a group you have access to, as you will be required to interview/interact with members of this group.
2. Identify a cultural issue you would like to research surrounding this group and pose this issue as a thesis question, for instance – How have language differences impacted on the educational attainment of Haitian New Yorkers?
3. Identify 2-3 ethnographic field methods you will employ to aquire the answer to your research question and explain your choices.
Part I: INTRODUCTION/CONTEXT (10 points – Due Date 10/8)
1. Context: Provide historical/statistical & demographic context for your chosen NYC ethnic group, and related socio-cultural issue/s. Should include visual data (charts, graphs, maps, etc), specifically related to thesis question posed in proposal (ex. religious practice, family/marriage structure, educational issues, status based on gender, age, economics within group, political affiliations, business/career practices/issues, etc.)
2. Relevant Literature: Provide references and summaries for 2-3 peer reviewed journal articles for the cultural and/or socio-political issue identified in your thesis, related to your chosen ethnic group.
Part II: BODY/METHODOLOGY (10 points – Due Date 11/5)
3. Methodology: You must describe a minimum of 3 ethnographic field methods (that you employed to help you answer your thesis question) and present the details, process and findings here.
Part III: CONCLUSION/ANALYSIS (10 points – Due Date 11/19)
4. Critical Analysis: interpretation of findings, and other data, and explanation of how your thesis question was answered by your research findings. Also, discuss why your research is unique and relevant to the field of Anthropology.
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