Share with the class some information on how your organization or an organizatio

Share with the class some information on how your organization or an organization with which you are familiar identifies and analyzes hazards. Put the process in context by also describing what the organization does. Do you think the existing process is effective? When responding to classmates’ postings, try to offer suggestions on how you think the processes they describe could be improved.
The organization I work for is an underground gold mine.  The company keeps track of all near misses and incidents (no matter how small or big).  They share this information with every employee onsite in lineouts, or “stand downs” for more severe injuries.  The company does this to keep employees aware of the hazards that surround them and to take safety seriously.  Every morning the crews all do a Fatal Prevention Commitment (FPC) to identify hazards they may be working around that day, and then they fill out a 5-point card throughout the day when switching jobs to identify other hazards associated with the next task.  Management is required to check these cards at least twice a day for every employee. 
Management, safety, IH, and a few employees perform risk-based inspections of the mine at least once a week to check for hazards.  This includes scaling of the walls, electrical compliance, housekeeping, and basically anything MSHA would look for if they performed an inspection.  The safety team and IH train all of the employees on Hazard Communication, Health Exposures, Gas Monitors, Confined Space, etc. at least once a year (which is documented), and everyone is required to attend an annual refresher training that covers safety, ERT, environmental, industrial hygiene, blasting, and other sections of interest.  I’m sure there are things that I am forgetting, but ultimately I believe the company does a wonderful job in identifying and analyzing hazards.

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