Scope and Frame: You will dedicate a page to rhetorical listening and implementi

Scope and Frame: You will dedicate a page to rhetorical listening and implementing Ratcliffe’s four goals of rhetorical listening. This one page can be revised and used within your essay. Remember, you’ll need to have the “turn against” and the “turn back” for your counter argument. Therefore, you will not analyze, critique, or denounce the opposition’s belief in this exercise and page. The steps to complete this project include the following:
1. Find a text of a reputable person that would disagree with your position – this does not have to be scholarly
2. Read and annotate this text for understanding only
3. Use Ratcliffe’s four rhetorical goals above to write a page that summarizes and understands this position. So, you will do the following in this one-page:
a. Summarize and give credence to the opposition to promote an understanding of other positions
b. Proceed with an accountability logic where you summarize and understand their position within their frame of reference
c. Locate identification across commonalities and differences occurs when you find something in their position that you and your position identifies with.
d. You analyze these claims and the cultural logics within these claims throughout the summary.
This rhetorical listening project along with the argument’s refutation of this position culminates in the counterargument, which is defined as an argument or set of reasons put forward to oppose an idea or theory developed in another argument. Yes, you will refute this position, but it occurs after you take the time to introduce the position in a clear, but brief way.

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