rompt: As a first step toward creating a marketing plan using digital marketing

rompt: As a first step toward creating a marketing plan using digital marketing tactics, select a company whose brand, product, or service you will focus on in
developing your marketing plan. You will refer to your selection as your client. The brand or company can be big or small, or even your own employer or
business. Treat this assignment as if you were a marketing consultant working with a business to develop an online presence. You will be writing a formal
marketing plan.
Write a one-page statement describing the client. In your statement, include the following critical elements:
 Client Description: Provide a brief description of the company whose brand, service, or product you have selected. Explain your reasons for choosing that
company. List the social and digital channels where the client has assets—such as a website, Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, etc. Include
screenshots and links to existing client assets.
 Business Challenge: As you research your company, learn what business challenges your client faces. Identify any problems or challenges that you feel
can be solved through digital marketing. Briefly state reasons why these areas need improvement and your ideas for how you would solve them. Support
your ideas and opinions with evidence.
 Global Business Environments: Discuss appropriate digital marketing strategies that account for the macro environment and commercial (economic),
legal, and cultural (social) factors
The company is NETFLIX.

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