respond to this classmate : After revisiting my session 5 discussion post, I don

respond to this classmate :
After revisiting my session 5 discussion post, I don’t think I would change much about my data collection plan. I would still use a mixed method research approach to study the knowledge, resources, and training teachers have access to about mental health. I would still like to use teachers from all different grade levels in this study. That way, I can have a variety of responses. I would start the school year with conducting interviews of the teachers about their mental health, dealing with student’s mental health, and the resources that they have. Asking teachers about their mental health is something I want to include that I didn’t before, because I think it’s important to hear how it is at the beginning of the year vs. the end. I would also give a survey covering the same things to teachers. The survey would be a rating scale. I would end the school year the same way, with the interviews and survey. One thing I would change is interviewing a handful of students at the beginning and end of the school year as well. I would also have all students in the school district complete the survey at the beginning and end of the school year. For elementary school aged students, I would definitely make sure it is age appropriate and use kid friendly words. For the surveys, I would still continue to use a mix of open-ended questions and closed questions. For this study, I would use content analysis. I would use content analysis data because “reveal patterns in recorded communication that indicate the purpose, messages, and effect of the content”(2021).
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Discussion 7B: Insight into this Course
As the course ends, there is great merit to taking a step back and considering what you have learned throughout this course. This reflective practice helps you articulate your learning experience, helping you better understand what was most significant from your perspective and helping your course facilitator recognize the components of the course that had the greatest impact on you and your classmates.
Please reflect on the following: What thing did you learn that you did not already know? What might you have learned that was unexpected or surprising? What take-away from this course do you believe you will immediately put into practice – be it in your workplace, your home life, and/or your ongoing work as a student?

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