Reflections should:  Be personal (reflections are subjective, there are no right

Reflections should: 
Be personal (reflections are subjective, there are no right or wrong answers).
Be written in a proper academic tone (make sure to proofread!). 
Be one to two double spaced pages long. 
Be double spaced and written in Times New Roman point 12 font.
Discuss only 1 topic (you should choose only 1 of the optional prompts or topics for your reflection). 
Pre-Class Reflection OPTIONAL questions:
Below are some questions about this week’s readings to get you started, but you may choose to discuss another topic that interests you and is related to the assigned readings/videos for this week. Remember to discuss only 1 topic in your reflection. 
OPTIONAL PROMPT #1: Where do you think we should we draw the line between the wellbeing of the developing fetus and mother’s rights?
OPTIONAL PROMPT #2: There are many factors that can have an impact on a developing fetus’ development, were recommendations for pregnant women any different when your mother or grandmother were pregnant? 
OPTIONAL PROMPT #3: If you were to have a child, what kind of birth would you want for your child (vaginal/cesarean, medicated/non-medicated, hospital/birth-center/home-birth, attendance by a physical/midwife/doula)? If you are already had a child, what was the birthing process like?

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