Read the scenario below Provide five tips to the student to help him get back on

Read the scenario below
Provide five tips to the student to help him get back on track. PLEASE bold, underline or number your five suggestions for Johnny so it’s easier for your classmates and me to identify them.
Read your classmates’ posts and strive to make your tips unique from your classmates’ tips.
Respond to at least two different classmates primary post.
Use complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar, and well-written and organized paragraphs. You are required to cite at least one of your course resources in your primary post to show how you have applied what you have read.
Grades will reflect how well you have followed these guidelines. I am eager to see each individual’s posts and interact with you.
Johnny’s largest meal of the day is late in the evening. Twice a week he prepares his own hot dinners at his dorm. The other nights he eats frozen convenience foods, microwave dinners, fast food, or cold sandwiches. His friends have mentioned to him that his eating habits may affect his health, but Johnny has explained that he is an athlete and needs to eat the way he does to have energy to compete at a college level. He has seen no change in his weight over the past few months, either up or down, not even with weight training activities. He has not been to the doctor in a year, but as a student athlete is required to see the doctor once every year, and so he will schedule an appointment in the upcoming weeks in preparation for lacrosse season.
Johnny wants to be the best athlete possible and his friends’ concerns have made him think about his eating habits. He has visited you at the student health center where you are volunteering with the nutrition office as part of your nutrition class. What advice can you give Johnny about sports nutrition and his current eating habits? Please give him at least five tips. Note: Please clearly indicate your tips in your response by bolding, underlining or numbering them (if I can’t locate them, I can’t grade them).

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