Read the book Ishmael: Quinn, Daniel, Ishmael, Bantam 1995 Write a 5 page (doubl

Read the book Ishmael: Quinn, Daniel, Ishmael, Bantam 1995
Write a 5 page (double spaced) reflective essay that explores your reactions, emotions and thoughts about Ishmael and its application to your home country and anticipated career. The assignment is somewhat vague, in order to give you room to explore thoughts and deeply reflect.
• I do not what a summary of the book
• This is meant to be a personal reflection
• The essay should contain a thesis in the beginning and the rest of the essay should be written in support of your thesis. This doesn’t mean it has to be a persuasive essay, but it does mean it needs to have a clear focus and organization. The thesis can be whatever you want it to be – as broad or narrow as you wish – but it must exist, and your job is to develop and support it.
• The essay should clearly demonstrate that you have read and reflected on the entire book (reading and responding to just one chapter won’t cut it). It should not be a collection of your musings about life. The essay should be grounded in the broad themes of the book, or particular ideas that you find poignant, and your developed reactions to them.
• The essay must be personal (e.g. “this book made me feel…”), not academic (e.g., “Ishmael explored themes of ______, and when evaluated through the lens of ______, there are interesting connections to______.”) I want to know how the book affected you. It should not be wholly abstract.

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