Read Attached Collective Bargaining from Reeves (2006). Cases in Public Human Re

Read Attached Collective Bargaining from Reeves (2006). Cases in Public Human Resource Management. Cengage.
Submission Instructions:
Answer the following questions:
1) In this negotiation, it seems like it will be impossible for the two sides to be able to meet an agreement – as to do so will likely lead to one side loosing. This situation is not uncommon in Union-Management Negotiations. What should the negotiators do in order to to prepare for the negotiation and make sure that it is successful (defined as 
2) Provide at least 2 alternative plans (from what the two parties in the case want). You are to provide recommendations that create a compromise or collaboration where everyone being represented will be satisfied.
3) Both parties’ negotiators were given specific instructions and goals that they were to achieve; however, it is not realistic to expect either party to be able to achieve these orders. What consequences would you as the mayor for the city representative and as a union member to the union representatives have for your negotiators if they fail to follow orders. Hint: Think about concepts from your other classes.
4) Why is it illegal for the fire fighters to strike? What could they do instead to protest during the negotiations?
5) If an impasse is reached, what rights does the company have? How might the union try to thwart the impasse in this situation?
Follow current APA format for citations and reference page if used.
A paragraph for each question.
Complete and submit the assignment by 9:00 PM ET Sunday through Canvas.
Attached is the case and power points of this topic in certain chapters.

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