psychological tests and measurements

I. Create a psychological instrument to measure a psychological construct

a. Complete a literature review of your subject from the scholarly literatue

b. Develop a set of unidimensional items and identify a scale (e.g., likert) for your items

c. Propose a methodology to test your instrument

d. Identify cultural bias and other limitations of your test

e. State how your test will benefit psychology

2. Idiographic verses nomothetic test

E.g,, TAT vs. Edwards Personality Inventory

3. Commonly used assessment tools


Intelligence and aptitude

Vocational Interests

Students will develop a psychometric instrument based on theory. Within that assignment, students will complete a literature review of their unique topic from which test items will be constructed and evaluated. Students will present their project as an APA, 7th edition style paper with the literature review culminating in a rationale of a need for the instrument that you are creating. Students will then propose a method section and sampling to test their items for reliability and if the results are acceptable point to the value of this instrument for psychology.

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