PROMPT: The goal of this essay is to compose an explanatory essay that describe

The goal of this essay is to compose an explanatory essay that describes the argument found in Dan Lloyd’s essay “Frankenstein’s Children.” This is not a summary of the argument, but an analysis of how the argument is constructed. Because Lloyd’s essay is an extended argument, this means that his main premises are what we term intermediate or sub-conclusions that connect to justify his main conclusion. So, the length of the essay will be dictated by the number of major premises and the arguments to support them.
A basic structure of the essay could be as follows:
(a) Introductory paragraph(s) should describe the problem that motivates Lloyd’s writing the essay and why he has chosen to compose an ethical argument.
(b) The body of the paper will be multiple paragraphs that will present each of the arguments that lead to each of the intermediate conclusions. Besides identifying the arguments and the intermediate conclusions Lloyd draws. Beyond description, the paragraphs should define/explain important terms. Additionally, the paragraphs should transition in a manner that allows readers to understand how Lloyd’s argument progresses and ultimately connects to support his main conclusion, which is a normative one.
(c) A normative claim is a value claim that something should or should not be done.
(d) A concluding paragraph that pulls together the major premises to explain and demonstrate his main conclusion.
The paper is to be strictly explanatory and descriptive. Do not use evaluative language such as valid/invalid, strong/weak, or sound/unsound that is outside the scope of this paper.
Professor’s Technicalities:
1. The essay should have a title that reflects what it is doing.
2. Use MLA formatting for composing and so forth. There are online sites that provide information and examples of MLA formatting.
3. The only citations should be from Lloyd’s essay. Be sure to include specific page numbers for internal citations. No outside research is needed.
4. I am not specifying a length since people write differently, but it should be clear that the length will be determined by the number of major premises being explained, in addition to the introductory and concluding paragraphs. For example, if there are eight major premises, then the paper minimally 10 paragraphs (possibly more).

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