Prepare an 8-to-15 page term paper concerning a firm of your choice. The main ob

Prepare an 8-to-15 page term paper concerning a firm of your
choice. The main objective is to reveal how macroeconomic
indicators and the business cycle will impact the firm.
You may pick a large or small firm. You can pick a for-profit
or non-profit entity – it really doesn’t matter.
Just make sure you have a good understanding of the firm in
terms of their products, services, market share, etc…
It might be best to pick a public firm that you can easily look
up on the Internet. / These are the exact requirements by my professor. He also has a list of questions that should be answered. I want it to be on Apple. I don’t want it to be too good, like genius good. Just B+ good would be great. I am only sitting at a B in the class and don’t wanna sell myself out. The paper has to be written in MLA format with works cited. Here is the list of questions that follows. /
1) Identify the government agency or private company that
controls the economic indicator – who writes the reports?
2) How exactly is the economic indicator calculated and
organized? Is it based on solid and reliable statistical data or
are there flaws in either the process or the raw information?
3) What has happened to the economic indicator during the
past two years? Please find a graph or chart showing the
history of the indicator and paste it to your term paper.
4) What is happening to the economic indicator today?
5) What is your 12-month forecast for the economic indicator?
Why? What is your rationale?
6) Please conclude if your indicators are lagging, coincident or
a leading indicator. Please explain your logic.
7) Is the economic indicator telling us the truth or is the U.S.
government playing political games with the indicator?
8) Please identify a few other economic indicators that relate
to your two chosen indicators. For example, U.S. Consumer
Confidence might have a strong correlation to retail sales and
the unemployment rate. Try to uncover a few relationships
9) Does your macroeconomic indicator have a heavy impact or
light impact on the firm? Is there a statistical correlation?
10) Given what you know – what recommendations would
you make to the firm’s senior management?
11) If you are dealing with a public company – do you feel
their stock is a good investment for the long-run? If you are
dealing with a private firm, would you invest your money?
12) Be creative – you’re free to add anything else of added
value. If you want to do a microeconomic analysis – go ahead.
If you want to add a personal interview you had with the
firm’s management, then please do so. Feel free to add
‘creative value’ to your term paper.
13) Don’t use big pictures or graphs to take up huge space on
a page.

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