Practice Career Counseling Sessions and Presentation. You will conduct three 50

Practice Career Counseling Sessions and Presentation. You will conduct three 50 minute career counseling practice sessions with another 623 student where you are the career counselor. From these three practice sessions, you will select a 3 to 5 minute Zoom video segment to show the class. You may choose to select a segment of recording that highlights something you are struggling with, or you may choose to select a segment of recording that showcases your abilities (choosing the former does not necessarily mean your grade will suffer on this assignment!). Either way, you are expected to use your presentation to seek and absorb feedback from the class about how to improve your career counseling skills. Please check that your Zoom recording has working video and audio by conducting a practice session by yourself before you start with your practice “client”—it is your responsibility to make sure your sessions record and that they are saved to our class Google Drive folder. If a session does not record, you may need to redo it. Also, to prepare for your presentation and optimize your learning in the course, you will need to review all of your Zoom recordings (be mindful of confidentiality when you do this) so that you can avoid technological malfunctions during your presentation. Your grade will be determined by the course instructor’s evaluation of your ability to use basic and advanced counseling skills (attending, empathizing, appropriate use of questions in exploration, et cetera), how appropriately you intervened with your practice “client” as a career counselor-in-training, and your manner of presenting your work and facilitating the informal class discussion which will follow the formal presentation (see Case Presentation Feedback Sheet on Sakai for more details). Your presentation should last no longer than 10 minutes of formal presentation (including showing your tape and talking about your work), and will be followed by another 10 minutes of class discussion. You will post your handout as an attachment under Discussion Forums in the forum “Student Case Presentation Handouts.” Your handout should be no longer than one single-sided page summarizing the most salient details of your work. You should also list 2 to 3 questions you would like the class to help you with—remember, we are doing these sessions as a training tool—use it! This is your opportunity to hear a host of different perspectives about your approach, different techniques, interpersonal processes and dynamics, and so forth. Keep in mind that your “client” will be in class, too, so be sensitive and respectful to your person. Your handout will be graded as well, so be sure to take these guidelines into account.

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