POS 2112 Midterm (Elections and FL State Bills/ Legislation)

2.  Registration Process

2a. If you have registered to vote, outline the process for registering to vote (web links, step by step, and how to look up your current voter registration).

2b.  If you have not registered, outline the process for registering to vote (web links, step by step, deadlines).  Consider registering and state why you will or will not register.  

3.  Research the history of disenfranchisement

3a.  What legislation has been passed? 

3b.  What tactics to disenfranchise certain segments of society have been used in the past and are currently being used?   

**Minimum of 2 paragraphs with citations for this section

4.  Voter Turnout

4a.  Can democracy be sustained when so few people are involved in the political system? Voter turnout in a local election can run less than 10 percent, yet local governments are the ones that affect people more closely on a daily basis. Research voter turnout in the US– at a federal, state, and local level.  Compare this to other democracies as well.  Outline voter turnout with reputable sources and outline the reasons why more people do not vote in America.  (Please answer all parts of this question, including the first question– please write a minimum of 2  paragraphs and be sure to thoroughly address the topic).  

**Minimum of 2 paragraphs with citations for this section


Part 2:  Bill Review

Write a bill review of any piece of legislation proposed in Florida.  The review should include the following:

  1. A summary of the bill
  2. Noteworthy supporters and opposition
  3. An assessment of outstanding questions or missing pieces
  4. Final recommendations and considerations for the bill

Search articles, news, journals, websites to gather your information and provide your sources.

https://www.flsenate.gov/ (Links to an external site.)

*This should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs to thoroughly review the bill. 

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