Please research and identify an company or business (can be an online business)

Please research and identify an company or business (can be an online business) and develop your paper around that particular business which has a sports marketing presence. Identify why, in your opinion, why it works or why it doesn’t work. If it works, why? And, if it doesn’t why not? Specifically, your paper should focus on the following:
Identify the business, including its primary scope of products offered
Discuss its history and how its evolved over time
Identify key competitors and what makes the company selected different from the competition
Identify its specific sports marketing plan, strategies and concepts developed and implemented (be specific)
Overall impact on its business
Discuss how products and services are being delivered to consumers
Summarize overall marketing plan and strategic approach
Key conclusions
Final assessment
You can identify a company by referring to any business publication or via the internet. It’s your responsibility to dive deeply into this case and provide a thorough summary and analysis based on the outline above and concepts discussed this semester.
This is an INDIVIDUAL case assignment and should be well thought out, logical, professional and submitted via Blackboard in a timely manner. Submission is due date by 6 pm, on 12/7/21. No late assignments will be accepted.
Additionally, your paper should include the following:
Cover page with the title of the case
Include a list of references at the end of the report, if any
Your report must have page numbers and leave 1” space on all sides
Please submit double spaced analysis using a 12-point font with proper page numbers will be acceptable. The normal professional standards for a written report are expected. You must pay attention to grammar and writing style, etc. Typical length is 5-10 pages of content, not including the cover page or reference page.
The length of your case report should be commensurate with the number and nature of issues involved. This will vary from case to case and you may include as many appendices including any creative works as you wish.
Professional appearance of the paper is important. Correct any grammatical mistakes and typos before submitting the paper.

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