Please plan to rewtire my Life After Sports Mentoring Program Proposal. I will

Please plan to rewtire my Life After Sports Mentoring Program Proposal.
I will attach the first draft of my proposl and also a copy of what my chair wrote back to me. file 1383
Please use my plan propsal as a guide of how i would like the mentoring program to be, School is Kentucky State University, mentoring program for student athletes.
This is what my proffesor has ask me to do with my proposal. Please READ!!!
You’ll need to rewrite this proposal applying formal writing style and skills. Avoid contractions and avoid slang terms unless you are quoting someone else. Be clear in word choice and explanation. In this regard, I’ve attached the first page or so with notes. The other issue is that you have no documentation supporting the statements you make or that this type of program is justified. In other words, you need to cite sources. In order to move forward, you need to do another writeup using these headings revised from the Capstone Executive Summary format (which I’m also attaching)
Please follow the Executive Summary template
Introduction [a brief overview of the entire write-up that follows]
What is the core of your capstone [what do you intend to do — use detailed descriptions and write
properly to ensure clarity — cite sources from your literature review]?
Who is the capstone meant to impact [who will the capstone serve — cite sources from the
literature you review]?
Why were this capstone and related strategies selected [Why is this capstone project necessary —
justify by citing sources from the liturature you review]?
When do you intend to implement this capstone project?

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