PLEASE ONLY write 300-400 words! DON’t use internet resources! Please select one

PLEASE ONLY write 300-400 words!
DON’t use internet resources!
Please select one of the prompts below to write a 300-400 word essay (please indicate your choice). Your essay should be similar to a mini-paper, except that it is not restricted to the readings of a particular session. You can refer to any of the readings assigned throughout the course (with proper attribution), or none at all. Please do not use sources beyond the course materials (especially ‘the internet’). Please also be aware that we use software to analyze every single essay for potential plagiarism. Please do not plagiarize!
The essay is short, and you have a generous amount of time to write it (60 minutes). Please use the time to first think, then draft, and finally write and polish your essay. A successful essay directly addresses the prompt, and is based on your engagement with, and reflection of, the course topics and materials. It also has a clear introduction which briefly but directly states your main argument, and then several supporting paragraphs that expand on your argument.
Select one of the prompts (to appear when you start the timer) for your essay (please indicate your choice).
Select one of the following prompts for your essay(please indicate your choice).
1)What do you think has been the most significant historical event (between 800 BCE and 2000 CE) and why?
2)The allied forces defeated Germany in both World War l and ll. The policies they pursued toward Germanyafter their victory were markedly different. Describe,and compare and contrast,two or three of these there a larger lesson to be learned in terms of post-war policies?
3)Do you consider the European Union a success or failure? lf a success,which institutions are strongandwhy?lfafailure,which institutions are weak,and why?
4)Which political institutions(eg.electoral system,party system,etc)set the US most apart from Western Europeanrich democracies?
5)Which ideology has been the most influential in Western Europe? Compare and contrast the influence of at least two ideologies.

FULL textbook:
R. R. Palmer, Joel Colton and Lloyd Kramer (11th edition 2013). A History of Europe in the Modern
World. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. ISBN: 9780073385549. {Palmer}
You can use older versions of the textbook (it used to be called “A History of the Modern World”, but
the relevant content is identical) – they are much more affordable. (There is now a 12th edition, which
you could also use).

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