Please follows directions. I have provided a start for each response to each que

Please follows directions. I have provided a start for each response to each question that must be incorporated into your writing.
Reflective Statement Instructions Context: Imagine that you are applying for a scholarship or summer internship, and a well-intentioned administrator might ask you to describe your research and writing skill set. Use the Reflective Statement to introduce yourself and to explain your skill set to a group of university administrators. In addition to presenting who you are as a writer, offer commentary on your writing—your strengths, your growth over the semester, your goals for future growth, and your newly heightened awareness about the ways writing functions and will continue to function in your professional life.
To help you think through the work you’ve done this semester I remind you of some categories you can discuss in your reflective statement. You may mix and match as this helps you create a worthy reflection – a real resonance of your own response to your writing that you would like to carry forward into future writing you perform both inside and outside the academy.
Engagement with the Writing Process: Reflect on the ways in which you have engaged with the writing process. Give some descriiption of the effort you have put into this course. For example, have you tried out new things?
An Inventory of My Writing: What did you think of yourself as a writer when you came into the class? What do you think of yourself as a writer now? You might want to look at what you wrote at the beginning of the semester and provide a brief summary and critique of a number of different writings completed this semester.
Writing as a Critical Practice: Discuss some of the authors we’ve read and explain how they have influenced your thinking on particular subjects as well as your own experiences with writing.
My Favorite Piece of Writing: Consider our class discussions about the complexity of writing and many of the overlooked conventions that shape critical writing beyond learning grammatical rules. Review one of your favorite essays written in any of your classes this semester. Reflect on why you like it so much and what it says about you as a writer.
Future Goals: What are your future writing goals? Where do you go next? What will you do with or how will you build on the skills you have developed? What do you think the administrators should know about you in this regard?
REQUIREMENTS: This assignment will be graded according to the ENGW 102 rubric. Your essay must be submitted as a Word document. Your statement must be two full pages. Be sure to include a developed thesis that forecasts your claims. Your writing should provide clear examples and evidence that elaborates on your claims. Be sure to make every effort to achieve good organization and coherence, to provide adequate analysis and supporting evidence, to use expository strategies to elucidate your opinions and/or explanations, and to demonstrate clear control of language. Keep your audience in mind as you select syntax – be true to your goal in this assignment but also find ways to be true to yourself.
Reflective Statement CHECKLIST – Review the rubric.
*This assignment will be processed by safeassign. If any portion of the essay is text copied from other sources, you will receive a 0. Copying sentences written by someone else and using a thesaurus to trade out words is a form of plagiarism.
ORGANIZATION/ARGUMENT • Is the title specific? • Is there a thesis statement? • Does the essay make effective connections across ideas, texts, and examples? • Does the essay have a clear line of reasoning? • Does the essay use a complex organizational structure? • Does each paragraph have a unified focus on one idea? • Is every paragraph internally organized?
COHERENCY/EVIDENCE and its ANALYSIS – Does the essay meet the required word count for the assignment? • Does every paragraph have a clear topic sentence? • Does each paragraph make and support a clear claim? • Is each claim supported with specific detail and analysis?
AUDIENCE and LANGUAGE – Does the essay speak to a specific intended audience?
STYLE • Do the sentence structures include variation? • Is the language precise and specific?
GRAMMAR and MECHANICS • Are there any patterns of grammar errors? • Are there any attention errors (e.g., typos, omitted words)?
Include some of the following into:
Truth to Power: Speaking Up, Speaking Out, Getting in the Way
From Racial Equity Advocate to Racial Equity Broker ~ Bring your own chair to the table of conversation à ACTION
You Are Never Too Young to Make a Difference
Always Vote!
Persistence and Resilience
Rubic is attached. Paper should be two pages. This is original writing/reflection. Do it use other sources.
I have attached a few of my writings throughout the course for your viewing and understanding of my style and thoughts to include.

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