Please answer the two essay questions below. <<1. In the first half of t

Please answer the two essay questions below. <
1. In the first half of the course we looked at the challenges oppressed and minority groups faced in dealing with European/white power structures. Please write an essay explaining the challenges various non-white groups faced in dealing with a white power structure in California in the twentieth century. You’ll want to address the full range of racial/ethnic groups we discussed. Racial discrimination will, of course, be a major part of the essay, but in each case you’ll want to be specific about the kind of discrimination involved and its consequences for each group.<
2. We’ve often looked at the importance of agriculture to California’s (especially southern CA’s) development. Please write an essay describing how the state’s agricultural sector developed since the late nineteenth / early twentieth century. You may want to consider factors like land ownership, political and economic power, water, labor, migration and its promotion, among other possible factors.<
Also, I’ve provided a list of some of the important terms we’ve covered it is important you fit a majority of those terms into the essay to form a strong evidence and argument.<

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