Pick a trend, phenomenon or person (or persons) in Jazz Dance to research. You m

Pick a trend, phenomenon or person (or persons) in Jazz Dance to research. You may choose from the lists provided below or find something of your own choosing. Create a project based on that trend, phenomenon or person (or persons) that includes written work, video and images that describe and elucidate your chosen topic(s). The project should go beyond a description of your topic by connecting it to influential social and/or political factors.  You are required to incorporate evidence found in books, articles, images and video. All evidence, quotations, etc. must be cited! Please use MLA format to cite within the text and include the Works Cited page.
The final project should be shared with Chris Johnson in google drive and can be in any file format that works for you (word document, google doc, powerpoint, or other).
        Choosing your topic:
        You may examine a type of dance, a choreographer, a dancer, or a broader trend (i.e. Europeanist vs. Africanist influences on jazz dance styles). It is important that you draw relationships between the subject(s) you choose and the social, political, and/or cultural factors that surround it.
        You may want to choose a subject from jazz dance in the past and relate it to material that is more contemporary.  For example, you might want to discuss the jazz dance of the swing era in relationship to the choreography of more contemporary artists (like Camille Brown) or how gender and sex are represented in jazz dance over the decades.  
        You might want to ask a question like, “what is the true definition of jazz dance?” (be prepared for controversy!)
        Include factual information on your topic that you uncover while doing your research, your own critical analysis and explication, and quotes from sources that help to illustrate your research and your claims. You should utilize at least 3 written sources in addition to images and videos. The length of the written portion of the project should equate to at least 2500-3000 words (approximately 5 typed pages) which is in addition to the images and videos. So, make sure to pick a topic(s) that will produce enough material for this assignment.
        Include images and video that help you underscore or demonstrate your written assertions and quotations. The project that you turn in should include at least 5 images and 3 videos (either linked or embedded) but more images and/or video would certainly be acceptable.

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