Part I – Identification (50 Points) Choose FIVE (5) of the following terms and

Part I – Identification (50 Points)
Choose FIVE (5) of the following terms and in paragraph form identify (who, what, when, where, how) and discuss the significance of EACH term; being sure to place the term in historical context. Each identification should be at least two paragraphs.
Punic Wars
Gupta Dynasty
Byzantine Empire
Frankish Kingdom
Chinggis Khan
Aztec Empire
Columbian Exchange
Inca Empire
The Crusades
Answer only ONE (1) of the following questions in essay form. This essay should be at least 5 paragraphs in length (a paragraph is about 6-8 sentences). You should have an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs to support your thesis, and a conclusion. It is important to answer the question completely, especially focusing on why this concept is significant.
1. How was the government of the Roman Republic organized? How and why did the Republic transform into an Empire? What were the key differences between the Republic and the Empire?
2. Ancient Rome was one of the most advanced and successful civilizations of the ancient world. How then are we to explain its collapse? Be sure to provide at least three reasons with examples for the collapse of Rome.
3. Explain how geography, trade and religion shaped the development of states and societies in Southeast Asia. From 100 AD (CE) to 1000 AD (CE).
4. Compare and contrast the African Kingdoms of Mali, Ghana, and the Mamluk Empire. In what ways were they similar to one another? How does the rise and fall of these kingdoms compare to the rise and fall of kingdoms in Asia or Europe?
5. Consider the importance of trade networks and commercial revolutions (chapters 11-13). How has economics/commerce and human innovation had a significant cultural impact in Africa, China, and Europe?
6. The collapse of the Roman Empire in the west left a cultural and political void; the West spent many years rebuilding itself. Describe the culture that emerged out of the ruins of the Roman Empire. What were the three most significant cultural achievements of Medieval Europeans?
7. Discuss the role of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism in shaping the cultures of Medieval Europe, The Islamic Empires (600-1258 AD (CE), and Asia (100-1000 AD (CE) respectively. What were the mailing teachings of each? Did these religions play a role in government? How did they shape cultural norms and values?
Instructions for Submission
This exam must be submitted through the SafeAssign link below according to the date on the Course Calendar.
Students may use their OWN notes taken from the modules and the textbook, nothing else, to complete the exam.
Please NO PLAGARISM, like stated in the instructions this paper really isn’t supposed to have any sources at all.

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