Part A: 1.  What is the immigration debate?  Include in your post at least one

Part A:
1.  What is the immigration debate?  Include in your post at least one immigration policy issue or reform proposal (secure borders,  detention centers, Trump’s wall, pathways to citizenship, DACA/the Dream Act, etc.)? (1 reference)
2.  Is immigration good or bad for America? In terms of the economy and jobs for example, many respondents of surveys BELIEVE that immigrants are taking away U.S. jobs, but most research shows that immigrants do not take away more jobs than they create. What do you think about this? What research/information could you find to support your position? (1 reference). (5 Sentences each)
Use atleast two in the writing assignment
Part B:
Describe educational inequality in the US, in K-12 and/or higher education. In other words, how is the US educational system unequal? What is the relationship between racial and socioeconomic inequality, particularly poverty and educational inequality?
Next, what are some strategies to reduce inequality in the US educational system, such as Affirmative Action, school funding policies, other educational policies or ideas? 
Remember to cite at least one of the readings or videos in your primary post.
Use atleast two of these sources to reply

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