Part 2: Non-Standardized Survey Instrument, Data Analysis Chart, Data Analysis P

Part 2: Non-Standardized Survey Instrument, Data Analysis Chart, Data Analysis Plan
Please construct 15 distinctly different questions (different Levels of Measurement) that are related to the concepts/constructs/variables you discussed in your literature review (Part 1) and 5 demographic questions (these go at the end of your survey). As you write your questions, think about what it takes to write good questions. For example, watch for double-barreled, negative, complicated, logical etc questions. What is the readability? Think about which questions should go first, so that a person isn’t turned off/build rapport.
Also, please include your instructions for the participant.
Will you need skip patterns? Are your questions valid? (1-2 pages for your instructions 20 questions)
Please demonstrate your knowledge of how to construct a data analysis plan for your 15 core questions/variables and your five demographic questions. (Insert as a chart).
Data Analysis Chart
Variable Name/Question#
Data Analysis Plan (Insert as a chart)
What is your data analysis plan for 5 of your core questions/variables
For each, identify IV, DV, Statistical Test and criteria (Categorical/Continuous)
Example IV (walking/miles)/continuous and DV (weight)/pounds/continuous= T-test
Part 3- Pilot Test Chart and One Page Write Up
Pilot Test your Survey Instrument- Test your Survey on two people who are fellow students or family. No clients! After you have tested the survey, provide a Feedback Chart that has three columns: the original question, the participants’ feedback for each question (positive and constructive feedback), how you would change the question. Be sure to link this last column to an idea from your textbook. Provide the page number to whatever you are referencing. (See example chart). Please do not submit an assignment that states your questions were perfect.
Core and Demographic
Participants’ Feedback
How you would change/improve the question
Do you like sugar and Water?
I only like sugar. Your question doesn’t allow me to answer about just one.
Double Barreled question (pg. 123)
Do you like sugar?
Do you like water?
Write a one-page write up- Summary of what you learned through this process using your text to ground your reflection. Remember, not to use I statements. Remember to use your text! Must have at least 5 statements and you must cite your textbook.
Be sure to cite, cite, cite using APA.

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