Part 1: Please read the ‘part1’ file uploaded, all the links & videos before wri

Part 1:
Please read the ‘part1’ file uploaded, all the links & videos before writing
DO NOT use outside material or sources for the PART 1 responses. Please use only the course readings or videos as noted below.
A. According to the Crash Course videos, Sex and Sexuality & Theories of Gender, gender is constructed. Please explain this position describing how specifically gender is constructed and include one FULSOME example from the video(s) to support your response and one example of how the social construction of gender has influenced your life.
B. Discuss how sexuality is socially constructed. Please provide 2 FULSOME examples to support your response: one example from the videos that frames the issue using one of the sociological paradigms / theories; and one example from the readings.
C. Sex work has been explored through several lenses in our course. Please choose 2 examples of these different perspectives, explain their narratives and include an example for each from the course materials.
Part 2:
please read part 2 document uploaded before writing….
Use outside material(s) or sources to complete PART 2.
Students will choose one post from a fellow classmate that resonates with them and complete a response post introducing 1 new idea that is linked to course material and adds onto and links to the original post made by your classmate. Students are required to do research and include a new reference / source that is an outside source to substantiate their response.

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