Paragraph #1 (describing the scale’s characteristics): Briefly describe the cont

Paragraph #1 (describing the scale’s characteristics): Briefly describe the content of our Love scale. What does it measure overall, and what general content areas are represented? How many items are on it, how many items are reversed in meaning, and what were the response options? Include a sentence or two about the scales included for convergent/discriminant validity. Paragraph #2 (psychometric soundness): Report Cronbach’s alpha for reliability. Report results for convergent and discriminant validity. Discuss the results. Are they in good? Do they need improvement? If so, what do you think were problematic issues? Paragraph #3 (item analyses and item deletion): Conduct item reliability analyses (See Chapter 8, and see SPSS instructions posted above for a simple way to compute.) Remove the worst items, as directed in the attached SPSS directions. Please discuss at least 2 of the bad items and speculate about why they were not consistent with the rest of the scale. With the remaining items, re-compute Cronbach’s alpha, as well as all validity estimates. Did the psychometric soundness get worse, stay about the same, or improve? Paragraph #4 (criterion validity): Finally, consider the results for criterion validity. (Use the data file after item deletion). Were there any interesting and statistically significant results? Discuss the results, using supportive literature. Number of sources required: at least two.

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