Page 1: What I decided instead is to ask you to please play the role of a moder

Page 1: What I decided instead is to ask you to please play the role of a modern day Geoffrey Chaucer and tell your own story about some aspect of modern day society that you believe would teach an important lesson to the generation(s) centuries from now. Probably the best route to the assignment is to choose a current event in modern day society. You may choose to focus on an event that is viewed positively or one that is viewed negatively because ultimately the perspective is
yours. You are just asked to be creative—and, again, to write at least a page as required!
page 2: First, think about the successes and/or challenges that you have had in this course. Next, please give advice to a student who enrolls in this class for a summer term that spans the same timeframe as did your class. What would you tell that student is needed in order to be successful for the assignments? Please note that, although your task is not to advise the student not to take the class or to give an opinion on which assignments should or should not be required, you will not be penalized if you include a few points along these lines. You primary assignment here, though, is to assess the study skills, tools, technology, time management, materials, etc., that you know from both hindsight and experience would be helpful to a student enrolled for the summer term in this course. Of course there is no right or wrong answer, but, again, I do ask that you do some serious and honest self-reflection in the form of advice that would be helpful to another student. You are just asked to write at least a page.

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