Overview and Rationale: This assignment is intended to increase the understandin

Overview and Rationale:
This assignment is intended to increase the understanding of the difficulties that can be encountered during facilitation.
Learning Objectives:
This assignment is directly linked to the following learning outcomes from the course syllabus:
1. Create strategies for engaging stakeholders at all levels of the organization effectively, to increase consensus building.
2. Facilitate the creation of business requirements and solution design.
Assignment Components:
Develop an agenda for our class next week as if it were a business meeting that you were leading. Include an accompanying paper detailing how you would facilitate the meeting and any notes on why you built the agenda the way you did. (The notes in the instructions are fictional for this assignment. We are not moving classrooms, etc.)
The topic is on analytical thinking and problem solving. Do we want a guest speaker?
We need to switch to another classroom for that week, which is getting new computer equipment the day before.
You are going to use a new application for a class exercise, which all students will need to access on their phone or laptop.
Everyone is getting graded on class participation for that class.
Last week two classmates got into an argument. They are assigned on the same team for assignment #4, which we should discuss in class and let the teams meet to kick off their assignment work.
One student got in a car accident and must attend remotely.

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