Organizational Development Presentation Submission title: Last Name, First Name,

Organizational Development Presentation Submission title: Last Name, First Name, Assignment Title Assignment Outcomes: Analyze leadership and change management theory, models, and application. Demonstrate effective leadership and strategic planning to guide an organization through change. Assignment Criteria: Students create an organizational development project presentation. (Coca-cola.) The presentation should have the following sections: an introduction that describes the organization and issue(s) that you identified as having an impact on the organization; an updated discussion about your findings that related to alignment between vision, mission, and values and the organization’s strategic direction and what your originally proposed solutions were to tackle the issue(s); a critical analysis describing other factors that were not present earlier but became clear as you continued your analysis of the organization, its issue(s), and possible solutions; an analysis that includes both a pre- and post-analysis of the issue(s) in the organization. The evaluation incorporates course concepts that include at least two measures (qualitative and quantitative), matrices, scorecards, etc.; a conclusion. Students are to prepare a 12 – 15 (max) slide presentation (presentation slide count does not include title page or reference pages). Include a minimum of ten (10) quality references; five (5) that come from scholarly sources to achieve At Standard grade.

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