One 4.5-5 page literary analysis essay on The Stranger that incorporates two pie

One 4.5-5 page literary analysis essay on The Stranger that incorporates two pieces of literary criticism. You will pick your own literary device and devise your own thesis statement. How does the author’s treatment of this device contribute to the overall meaning of your chosen novel? Remember your thesis must make a defensible claim.
You must find two articles of relevant criticism to support your thesis. These articles must come from BLS databases ( of criticism such as JSTOR, Gale LRC, etc. Google searches will not yield acceptable results and will not receive credit. Remember that book reviews are not articles of literary criticism.
Possible Literary/Stylistic Devices include:
sensory imagery (you will need to be specific -naturalistic, animalistic, etc.)
symbolism (of one single object – and you must be very clear about what this object actually symbolizes)
syntactical devices – periodic sentences, litotes, etc.
figurative language -personification, metaphor, etc. (you will need to be specific)
Biblical allusions
setting (remember the work we did on this with Chopin)
characterization (indirect and direct; complex)
narrative point of view (this can be difficult – you must feel very comfortable to do this well)
You should focus on a single device.
Remember that diction and syntax are not devices by themselves. Also, remember that “dialogue” is not a literary device. Nor is genre/period (i.e. Romanticism, magical realism, etc.)
If you choose a symbol, make sure it is a single TANGIBLE object or place you are examining. Wealth and beauty, for example, are NOT symbols. If you don’t understand symbolism, please avoid this device.

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