Older Adult/Geriatric Observation Select an individual who is in the late adult

Older Adult/Geriatric Observation
Select an individual who is in the late adult phase of the life span (~ 65 years of age or older). This can be a family member, friend, client/patient or neighbor. Spend time with this individual and through your observation, assessment and interviews answer the following questions:
Describe this individual’s physical characteristics. Include: age, race, ethnicity, height, weight, mobility, any impairments, any age-related physical changes, overall health, energy level, hygiene, etc. (25pts)
Explain the persons living arrangements. Do they live at home? Alone? With spouse? Family? How does he or she feel about where they live? Are they happy? Isolated? Do they feel safe? What do you observe about the home? Is it clean? Does it look safe for this older adult? What safety changes would you recommend for this home for the older adult? (10 pts)
Does this person appear well nourished? Do they do their own shopping and cooking? If not, who does? Do they still enjoy eating? If not, why not? Do they take anything to supplement their nutrition? What can you recommend? (10 pts)
List each medication this person is taking and the reason for each. What are the side-effects of each? What is your older adult’s personal experience with taking these meds? How do they feel about taking these meds? What are some of the challenges they experience around their medications? (i.e., side effects, vision, sleep, memory, dexterity) (25 pts)
What activities do they enjoy? Do they spend time with family and/or friends? Are they able to exercise? What activities/exercise would you recommend for this individual? (10 pts)
What are this individual’s spiritual beliefs? Do they practice a formal religion? How do these beliefs/practices support this person at this stage of his or her life? (10 pts)
Spend some time reminiscing with this older adult. This supports which psychosocial phase of development (Erikson)? What did you learn about this person’s past or history that was interesting or surprising to you? What did you observe about this older adult as they were speaking to you about their past? (Were they happy? Sad? Excited?) (10 pts)

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