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For the past couple of summers I’ve spent my time as a summer camp coach/counselor at MVP Basketball Camp teaching basketball. At this camp I was once a camper, in the same shoes as the girls and boys. It aged from (7-16). I believe that the camp could use some help back then, but may need some help right now. The equipment needs to be updated, kids participation and safety precautions are down. These minor problems can be fixed by installing new durable equipment. that attracts peoples attention The current facility isn’t up to date of how it should be. All of these issues fall under the White Plains middle school district. The first matter of issue is that the basketball courts are all either crooked rims or turned backboards. Basketballs are worn down or have no air. Community participation of youth and competition lowered. Extra and new padding on poles, a level court (without ditches or gravel). Student athletes are turning away due to lack of maintenance update with the facility. This increasing grant funding will help towards student athletes in future generations of staying proactive during summer time and during recess at school.
This proposal is requesting for an increased funding, for the outdoor facility to allow the creation of a new playground with courts. This new equipment would be used for modified team sports, children recess time, and education classes if and needed during a particular unit that’s being taught. This proposal will met the needs of all future athletes and students because people of the community would be able to play on better and safer conditions. For example if the court get updated it would allow for people to come and run there own private full court games and while they play their siblings or children can play on the playground set.
Proposed Budget
Basketball: $1,500 50-balls
Basketball court surface tiles: $ 7,000 5-courts
Padding: $1,500 18-pads
Playground set: $5,000
New Rims: $1,000 10-rims
Backboards: $2,000 10-backboards
As we continue to make this world a better place for the the future generations that are yet too come, we must continue to provide students/children with better and safer equipment. That allows them to explore and practice skills with their peers on their own.

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