My opinion of Aladdin (2019) is different based on whether I’m comparing it to t

My opinion of Aladdin (2019) is different based on whether I’m comparing it to the original 1992 Animated film or as it’s own entity.
If I compare it to the original 1992 Animated film… I kind of hate it. It’s story is too different it seems to be missing some of the most memorable parts, it doesn’t capture quite the same essence, the characters feel totally different (with the partial exception of Aladdin himself) and the songs aren’t performed as well as the animated versions.
If I’m watching it as its own entity not in comparison to the animated film then I’d have to say I really enjoyed it. It was definitely a different take on the story, visually it very impressive, colorful and vibrant. Most of the acting was good, it had some very comedic moments as well as serious, romantic, suspensful, etc… It was a pleasure to watch.
However, it certainly had it’s issues. The original film was as orientalist a piece as you could get featuring hollywood harems, Arab stereotypes, and a number of issues with representation. The new movie tries to reconcile and correct some of that which I applaud but it seemed almost like a 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of deal
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