Module 5 Health Policy News Purpose This assignment is intended to help you lear

Module 5 Health Policy News
This assignment is intended to help you learn how to monitor current issues regarding healthcare policy.
Action Items
Review current health policy news. Select (2) articles from any of the (3) following websites:
All Kaiser Health News
The Health Policy Skeptic
Health – Google News
1. Choose (2) articles from any of the (3) websites. Write a 300 to 350-word synopsis for each article (2 total) that addresses the items listed below. (You must provide appropriate APA citation and referencing (Links to an external site.) for each article. Failure to properly cite and reference may result in a charge of plagiarism):
a. Who are the key players?
b. What is the central issue?
c. When did the issue arise? Is it a new issue or an ongoing one?
d. Where did the issue occur?
e. How does the issue affect any or all of the following groups:
I. Suppliers of health policy
II. Demanders of health policy
III. Purchasers of health policy
IV. Communities and individuals
*** This assignment will occur weekly in this course; just don’t choose the same Health Policy News articles to write about as any of previous weeks, etc****
***Please include (2) references per article synopsis; total of (4) references with URL’s at end of references on reference list as normal; references will come from articles in websites above*****
*** Please use APA 7 standards as you normally do***
*** Please ensure the (2) discussions/synopsis are separated so I can easily tell them apart on the paper***
*** Last two week’s articles: “A Hard Pill to Swallow: Understanding the Mathematical Dynamics of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and “The Great Undoing: Which of Trump’s Policies Will Biden Reverse?” The previous weeks articles were: The ER Charged Him $6,500 for Six Stitches. No Wonder His Critically Ill Wife Avoided the ER” and “The Price and Spending Impacts of Limits on Hospital Payments for Out-of-Network Care”

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