Modern Politics

Here are the instructions: 


1.  300-400 words = 1-1.5 pages (include a word count at the end of your essay)

2.  Content must be representative of the reading.  You must cite from the book (Hint: if you cite from other source materials this will ONLY help you.  State sources at the end of your essay)

3.  Make sure you discuss the issue at hand, make sure they directly relate to the issue

4.  Proper citation formatting:  Chicago Manual of Style

Addition: I believe outside sources can be used, but please, use the textbook more. 


Here is the question:

The concept of modern politics seems to have emerged with the French Revolution. How did the French Revolution lead to the development of a conservative political ideology? How did Liberalism represent an ideology of the industrial age?  Why did liberalism support laissez-faire capitalism?

The bibliography for the textbook that I have attached is below:

Backman, Clifford R. Cultures of the West: A History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020

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