MGMT 201 Fall 2021 WRITING ASSIGNMENT Final paper due on _12/5/21 and submitted

MGMT 201 Fall 2021
Final paper due on _12/5/21 and submitted via TurnItIn on Moodle. Based on a real-world example you will write a 1500-word analysis that covers at least 3 concepts covered in class.
Prepare an outline or strong draft to be peer reviewed in class on 11/16.
• Real-World Example: You will choose ONE source from a predetermined set of articles, documentaries, movies, video or audio clips (see below). (Shown on the top of p3 in this document.) Should you choose the same option as a friend in this class, which is just fine, I ask you not share your analysis and essay with each other or otherwise co-write it. Submitting identical analyses is a violation of Academic Integrity.
• Critical Thinking/Analytical Essay: The critical-thinking portion of this assignment involves a 1500-word write-up that thoughtfully discusses how/why your example is reflective of or related to your 3 (three) chosen course concepts.
 SOURCES: In additional to your chosen article, the textbook and other class readings, you must include at least two (2) other acceptable sources for the concepts you are writing about. All sources MUST be correctly documents (APA format) and high-quality, credible, and relevant sources that help develop your ideas.
 GRADING: This assignment will be graded out of 100 points.
– Simply summarizing what is in the example in your own words will earn you about 3 point.
– Do not read about this example online and summarize the thoughts and views of others – that, if properly cited may earn you 5 points.
– Improper citations as well as any other form of plagiarism will earn you 0 (zero) points. I DO NOT discuss issues of academic integrity (see section on Academic Integrity below).
 DETAILS: Tell me, in your own words and with supporting evidence from class materials and acceptable sources, why and how three or more concepts covered in class are
represented in your example.
– Include in your analysis if you think your example is a positive or negative expression of those concepts. For example, if your article is about a new compensation plan in a large company, reflect on whether it is a positive or negative use of the motivational concepts covered in class and why.
– Dig deeper and reflect on how it uses (or ignores) specific motivational theories. A strong A-level paper might also use the motivational theories to predict whether the new plan is likely to achieve its goals.
– You will only earn credit for your analysis of your chosen example in the context of what we covered in class. The latter bit will demonstrate that you’ve mastered the course material.

– Proofread and edit your work as I do take grammar and quality of writing into account in the final grade.
– Use the services and learning resources as well as tutors available to you at the Center for Academic Success (see below).
– Review the “Common Writing Errors” document posted on Moodle and revise your paper accordingly before submitting.
 Documentaries
1. American Factory
2. Dirty Money: Dirty Gold
3. The Inventor: Out of Blood in Silicon Valley
4. Just Mercy
 Podcasts
1. companies
 Articles
1. crisis-build-a-network-of-teams
2. an-agile-organization

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