Length: 800-1000 words APA style formatting: Double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roma

Length: 800-1000 words
APA style formatting: Double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman, cover page, etc. Click here for a sample APA formatted paper.
Based on our discussion so far, write a synthesis paper to review research-based information about procrastination.
Keep in mind that:
A good synthesis paper provides well researched and credible information about a topic, reflecting multiple perspectives and new knowledge development.
Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion so that it is complete in structure.
Your paper should use at least 3 reliable sources (2 articles that we read together and 1 new source that you found on your own). The sources should contribute significantly to the development of your synthesis paper. In other words, you are expected to interact with the sources that you cite in meaningful ways (citing one sentence from a source doesn’t really count as meaningful citing).
The writing that you submit for this class must be original. Do not submit papers or use parts of papers written for or submitted to any other classes in any terms including the current one.
You are encouraged to visit the Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication to get support from the tutors and/or writing consultants for all stages of the writing process.
Learning, research, and scholarship depend upon an environment of academic integrity and honesty. This environment can be maintained only when all participants recognize the importance of upholding the highest ethical standards. All student work, including quizzes, exams, reports, and papers must be the work of the individual receiving credit. Click here for UCI’s Academic Integrity Policy and check with me if you have any questions or doubts. Also, remember to use the Turnitin folder on Canvas as a tool to help you make more effective source use decisions.
based on the following source

Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination


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