Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing report and need an explanation and answe

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I.Title Page II. Table of Contents (Optional) III. Introduction of Topic/Issue/Case (1-2 pages)
This is an overall description/explanation of the topic/issue.
Use citations here. III. Ethical Analyses (1-2 pages)
(ALL THEORIES MUST BE INCLUDED.(deontology, utilitarianism…, and so on ) o Narrative format (you going to have a question under this topic then you going to answer that question)o Charts and graphs can be used to illustrate the analysis. o Citations should be included.
IV. Legal Analyses (1-2 pages)
Find a legal (court) case that is similar to any issue(s) mentioned in the topic/issue/case you picked. (It
does not matter the date of the case, however, the preference should be a current case.)  Give a brief synopsis of the case.
 State how this case is applicable to the issues in the article.
 Give the court’s decision.  State whether you agree or disagree with the court’s decision. V. Develop a Policy (1-2 pages)
The policy can be structured in the same format as the attached document:
(legal_ts_projectappendixa.doc). Note: Your outcome does not have to be as detailed. VI. Conclusion/Summary (1 page)
This is your overall assessment of the ethical dilemma, the analyses of the
dilemma, the legal and policy implications, and your final views on the topic/issue/case.
VII. Bibliography/References/Work Cited Page (SEPARATE PAGE)
The minimum references for this paper are 5.
Must be formatted correctly.
(Min/Max number of pages required for that section.)
Requirements: Original explanations and answers with any outside resources cited

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