Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and ans

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Topic question:Sherry Turkle is very critical about the negative effects of our devices and the time we spend online whereas Kenneth Goldsmith has a more positive attitude about our connection to our devices and all the time we spend surfing the Internet.Who is right?Is the Internet really affecting our thinking, perceptions, and inter-personal behavior negatively as Turkle believes? Or is the Internet enriching our lives and actually making use smarter than before as Goldsmith implies?Argue your point of view [without using “I”] on this topic with your own ideas and ideas and examples from the readings.The minimum word count for this essay is 1200 words.
Type your essay in MLA format following the guidelines from this course. The video is provided in Module 1 in the Diagnostic Essay assignment.
Provide at least 4 in-text citations from the readings in MLA8 format.
List your citations in MLA8 format on the last page of your essay in Works Cited.
The 2 sources for your Works Cited page are listed below. They are already in alphabetical order, so just copy and paste them into your Works Cited page.Goldsmith, Kenneth. “Go Ahead, Waste Time on the Internet” https://gcc.instructure.com/courses/31598/pages/reading-1?module_item_id=1379012 Turkle, Sherry. “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk” https://gcc.instructure.com/courses/31598/pages/reading-2?module_item_id=1379013 You may not use any additional outside sources.
Requirements: 1200 words

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