Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.What are the Objectives of the Assignment (Student Learning Outcomes)?A. To assure that each student by the end of the semester will be able to describe the major fields of social work practice and its ability to practice incorporating diversity and various social issues.B. Identify and describe the impact of personal values as they relate to professional social work values and ethical issues.C. Apply and communicate an understanding of the importance of diversity and difference in shaping life experiences in practice at the micro and macro levelsD. Present themselves as learners and engage clients and constituencies as experts of their own experiencesE. Apply self-awareness and self-regulation to manage the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse clients and constituenciesYour Assignment Will Consist of the Following Sections:1. Cover Page2. What is Social Work3. Why is Social Work Importance to You4. Culturally Humble5. Lifelong Learners6. Practice Self-Awareness7. Personal Strength 18. Personal Strength 29. Personal Challenge10. References PageThe Topic Headings – Content of the Self Reflection Assignment● Using your own words, what is social work? (1 paragraph minimum)● Why is social work important to you? (1 paragraph minimum)● Why is being culturally humble a necessity for social workers?● Why is it important for social workers to be lifelong learners?● Why is it important for social workers to practice self-awareness?● What are two personal strengths that you think will help you succeed as a social worker? Explain why for each strength.● What is one personal challenge you believe you will have to overcome to be a successful social worker? How will you overcome it?What Are The Research Requirements? A. Begin your research for appropriate and relevant reference materials. Use the topic headings to help you identify the areas of focus.B. The essay must include at least two quotes or citations from relevant and appropriate sources.C. Locating Your Research1. Draw supporting information from the course textbook, class lectures, any of the resources used in the Research Paper, or any other quality resource.Submission Options:Video Submission: Video submissions must be a recording of you speaking – presentation style. You must use/provide a PowerPoint – a minimum of 1 slide per question – No more than 30 words per slide (That way you cannot simply read off the slides). Minimum length 5 minutes – however, I expect thorough answers. Must include References Page slide.Paper Submission: APA format, 12pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, & one-inch margins. Minimum 4 pages – Maximum 6 pages.Guidelines for the Self Reflection Essay AssignmentA. General Information 1. The reflection essay should be 3 to 5 pages in length. 2. The bibliography and cover page are not included in the length of the paper.3. Content must be thoughtful and supported by at least two quotes or citations.4. Grammar and syntax: Sentences should convey meaning clearly and should be grammatically correct with appropriate punctuation in place. The spelling should be correct.B. Use APA Formatting (American Psychological Association)1. Please consult the APA Style Essentials for general document guidelines such as the title page, abstract, body of the paper, text citations and quotations, and references (located in Canvas under “Files”)2. A sample APA Format paper is available in Canvas under “Files.” C. The Bibliography or “References” Section1. There will be one “References” section located at the end of the paper, in APA format. D. Goals of the Self Reflection Assignment1. Gauge your understanding of the field of social work.2. Assess the student’s working knowledge of several important components of what it is to be a social worker.3. Assess if the student has taken time to self-reflect and personalize the material covered in class.E. Final Paper is the finished product that includes a college-level discussion of the topic with accompanying research and supporting evidence.
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