Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. 1 C. McCray 2021SCHOLARLY RESEARCH TERM PAPER GUIDELINESThe Research Term Paper AssignmentSocial Work 110 requires all students to write a 10-11 page (including cover page, abstract, references, and annotated bibliography pages) scholarly research term paper on a field of service in the social work profession, in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Your Paper Will Consist of the Following Sections:1. Cover Page2. Abstract3. Literature Reviewa. Problem/Social Issue Definedb. Target Populationc. Practice Methodsd. Social Worker Rolee. Presenting Problemsf. Barriers to Service for the Target Populationg. Individual & Environmental/Societal Causes of problemsh. Ethical Issues & Value Issues for Social Workers in this fieldi. Anticipated Incomej. Personal Assessment4. References Page5. Annotated BibliographySteps to Success:1.) Pick a problem or social issue: Social workers attempt to address all sorts of problems. What’s your dream job? Is there a problem or social issue that exists that you think you want to make a career out of solving? If you cannot think of one you can use the list below to get you started:Child Welfare Family, Youth and Children Pregnancy & ParentingSchool Social Work Mental Health Older AdultsSubstance Abuse Military Social Work Medical Social WorkGrant Writing International Social Work Refugees and/or ImmigrantsDisabilities Crisis and Trauma AdministrationViolence, Victims and 2.) Next Step: Study The Assignment Questions: You will have to do research in order to answer the following questions:a.)Define the problem or social issueb.) Who is the target population? Who are the clients in need of service? Include information regarding the age ranges, gender, and socioeconomic status.c.) What are the practice methods that social workers use in this field? Indicate micro and/or macro practice methods and provide example(s). If they do micro, such as case management, you would need to say micro and give examples of case management that they do. d.) What is the role of the social worker in this field? What do social workers do to help solve the problem? Example: Case managemente.) What are the presenting problems in this field of service? Example: what are challenges Child Welfare Services face? Insufficient funding? Not enough employees? Etc.f.) What are the barriers to service for the target population? What gets in the way of clients of the problem you chose getting services? Example: lack of transportation.g.) What are the individual and environmental/societal causes of problems? What do clients do that get them into the situation to where they need help with the problem? How does society ‘cause’ the problem to exist? h.) What ethical and/or value dilemmas do social workers face in this field of service? Example: conflict of interest, confidentiality, sexy clients. i.) What is the anticipated income for social workers in this field of service?j.) What is your assessment of your continued interest in the field of service? (This is the only part of the paper that can be written in 1st person) Example: After completing this assignment I realized I really love this field. The reasons why are… 3.) Research: Begin your research for appropriate and relevant reference materials. Use the questions above to help you find relevant books and articles.a.) What are the Literature Requirements? i.) You will need at least one book or e-book (1) Choose a book that focuses mainly on the problem or social issue that you have chosen (textbooks can be used as a supplemental source, but not the main source).(2) The course textbook from Social Work 110 cannot be used as a reference.(3) The book should be written by a professional in the field of social work or a closely related fieldii.) You will need three scholarly articles – What is a scholarly article?(1) A scholarly article is written by a professional and is usually contained in a professional journal.(2) Social work journals and articles written for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) are good examples of appropriate references. (3) “Social Work Today” is an online/hard copy magazine that often has scholarly research articles available; it is available in the Cuyamaca Library.
Requirements: 11 pages   |   .doc file

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