Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need guidance to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need guidance to help me learn.My request: 1.I am a Korean student, so the professor’s request may require a report on the study of anthropology in Korea. You don’t have to care about this requirement2.Pay attention to your grammar to facilitate my translation3.Although you can write about your or your friend’s experience, don’t write the name of country in this report.professor request1. A Cultural Anthropology Report Using Life History Research2. Chapter 5-7 of A4 3. In-depth interviews (90 minutes recommended) with family or close acquaintances, and her/his life is illuminated as a social being by connecting with social conditions or major discourses at the time, focusing on ‘work’.4. The composition of the article is autonomously determined by referring to life history studies.The purpose of this article is to deeply understand a point in modern Korean society through a person’s narrative.The writing format allows and freely selects any way to effectively achieve this purpose.5. Good things to consider.-When conducting an interview, look at the entire life.-When moving the interview contents to the report, it is also good to illuminate a specific time.- Here, work includes not only work and occupation, but also all the things in the production and reproduction process that occur in social relationships.-Connect and think about what choices an individual makes and what values they have with social variables and structures.Referring to the entire life, we train to analyze the temporal and spatial context of modern-Korean society in which the person has lived and the social discourse of the time.-Let’s analyze what we learned anew through one life history and what it can mean with anthropological knowledge.-Describe important points rather than list them superficially as complex and rich as possible.
Requirements: Chapter 5-7 of A4

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