Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need an explan

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Show and Tell Discussions (2 original posts and responses to peers = 25% of final grade) At two points during the semester, you will find and post to a discussion board something unique that you find or observe out in the world that has some connection(s) to our course material. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can apply concepts from class to a unique out of class example. Your “item” should be an original example of (or maybe something that challenges) an idea or concept we’ve discussed in class. In other words, your “show and tell” item should be a creative example of a concept or idea that could be included if you were hypothetically giving a lecture, designing a learning activity, assigning a reading about, or teaching someone else about the concept of focus. Resources/items to share might include, but are not limited to, news articles about current events, TED Talks, YouTube videos, documentaries, books, art installations or works, Hollywood or independent films/movie clips, empirical research articles, TV episode clips, books (fiction or non-fiction), photos of something you saw in everyday life, etc. that serve as examples of concepts we’ve discussed. Each of your shared items needs to be unique from what we have already covered in class and from what your peers have already posted (i.e., you can’t post and write about an article or documentary we watched/read in class or that one of your peers has already shared). Your second resource needs to be unique from your first and relate different course materials/ideas/concepts than you used for your first post. Resources will be submitted/posted during the week specified on the course schedule. Each show and tell post should include: (1) a way for others in the class to access the resource (e.g., hyperlink, citation, picture attachment, etc.) and (2) a short paragraph that describes the resource and how it specifically relates to or illustrates at least ONE course concept or other course material. Be sure to make the connections between your show and tell item and at least one course concept very explicit and clear in your post. Meaning, your discussion of how your show and tell item relates to class needs to be more specific than “this relates to module #x, generally”. I expect to see a citation of a SPECIFIC course concept (with the concept clearly defined/explained within the post) and discussion of how the show and tell item relates to it. In all, excellent work will do all of the above: include an original relevant item to show and tell, accurate application and explanation of at least one course concept/idea/resource/reading as it applies to the item, and a well-written paragraph (including citations) to accompany the item. An excellent post will demonstrate that you have a very strong understanding of the concept you are highlighting through your ability to apply it to a unique example. As part of this assignment, you will also be evaluated on your review of and engagement with the show and tells posted by your peers. During a “show and tell week” (see syllabus schedule) you should post your own show and tell and also respond on the discussion board to those posted by others with follow-up comments, questions, etc. as you would in a normal week’s discussion. Submissions and your follow up comments will be graded on a 0 (0%), “check minus” (75%), “check” (85%), “check plus” (95%) scale. When appropriate, work of exceptional quality may be awarded a “check plus plus” (100%). Missed and late work will not be accepted.

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