Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology and need to help me learn.Choose a mod

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology and need to help me learn.Choose a modern day social movement from the following:Black Lives Matter
LGBTQ movement (trans rights, gay rights, or any other–choose one)
Me Too
If you want to do a movement other than these, contact me first for approval.
This is a formal essay! The essay must include the following:Introductory paragraph explaining what you will do in the essay.
Brief description of the movement in a way that someone who knows nothing about it will understand. Give enough information without overwhelming the reader. Make sure to mention key events.
Listing and definitions of the stages of social movements and examples to show what stages the movement you are discussing has already passed through and what the current stage of the movement is.
A determination of what type of movement it is using only the list below. Define the movement type and discuss why you think the movement you are discussing is this type. Reform Movement
Revolutionary Movement
Religious Movement
Alternative Movement
Resistance Movement
Discuss which theory best applies to this movement and why. Be sure to give a brief description/definition of the social movement theory. Choose only one of the following:Relative Deprivation Theory
Resource Mobilization, and
Frame Analysis
Discuss changes of society that have resulted from the movement
A final summary and closing.
References MLA Format (Links to an external site.)
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