Learning Goal: I’m working on a social work discussion question and need an expl

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social work discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I need a response too my two Discussion question below please put D1 and D2 so I know where to put the answer. Must be at least 100 words each. DB 1: The United States is behind in health care compared to other countries because it seems it’s the health care systems is about profit over people. If you look at countries like Canada or France, the U.S. spends more money in the health care system with private sectors compared to France and Canada. There is fewer doctor in the United States compared to other countries. By looking at the data the people in United States have lowest life expectancy than other countries. African American people have the lowest life expectancy than other ethnic groups in the United States. The lack care effect African American people due to not have adequate accessibility to health care. African American people on the see the doctor when something is majorly wrong. African American people were getting disqualified for pre-existing conditions such as having high blood pressure. It is harder for African American people to obtain health care coverage. The affordable Health care is beneficial to African American people because they now can obtain affordable health care. Also, Obama care allows dependents to stay on their parent’s insurance longer. With Affordable Care Act African American people was being insured. American are being refused healthcare films Media Group (2008). Films Media Group. (2008). Universal health coverage should be the federal government’s responsibility: A debate. Films On Demand. Retrieved December 9, 2021, from https://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=107300&xtid=58294. Db 2:”Overall, the United States has lagged behind other developed countries in the provision of health care to all residents. We spent more per capita and had less satisfactory results. Infant mortality was higher, and life expectancy was lower. This was particularly true for people of color—African Americans, nonwhite Hispanics, and Native Americans—whose poverty is accompanied by poor health and shorter lives. Public health, environmental programs, and medical research take up a small percentage of health care expenditures as compared to personal health care expenses.”The United States lags behind other developed nations regarding accessible health care because many politicians denied many health care reform bills and thought them to be too liberal. Obama care was one of the healthcare reform bills successfully passed. However, it was short lived. The lack in advancement of health care reform affects people of color because these groups are usually over represented in the poverty demographics. Poverty prevents individuals and families from being able to afford health care. Source:Stern, M. J., & Axinn, J. (2017). Social Welfare (9th Edition). Pearson Education (US). https://capella.vitalsource.com/books/978013429296…
Requirements: 100 words each

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