Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample dr

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Write comparing and contrasting essay about 2 personality traits (Thinker, and performer). Following the same structure in the attached outline and sample essay. Words count: 500-700Using comparing and contrasting words (will provide you with an example) and examples.Use only the references I shared with you, no outsources.1. Intro: it should include general background (like there are different personality traits ..) +Add thesis statement2. Body: Similarity, you did not actually point out a similarity in their personality traits. Please read the articles and come up with one similarity and mention examples for both thinkers and performers.3. Conclusion: General wrapup sentence+ summarize similarity and 2 differences, finally your opinion.1. Introduction: include general background +Add thesis statement2. similarity with examples (including transitioning sentence)3. difference 1 with examples4. difference 2 with examples5 . conclusion: General wrapup sentence. summarize similarity and 2 differences. preference “which personality type do you prefer/contribution to society” without using strong opinion words____________Instructions:* make sure to add a closing sentence at the end of each body paragraph.* Read the suggested sources carefully, understand the ideas in them, identify relevant compare and contrast points and synthesize them in a coherent and meaningful way. Ideally, one of the points should be a similarity or a difference.* Besides your general writing skills, you need to use your annotation, note-taking, paraphrasing and summarizing skills to succeed in the independent project.* Since the sources are supplied, you are not expected to include in-text citations and references.* However, one of the key marking criteria will be how well you paraphrase the language from the sources; simply copying words and sentences from original sources and using them in your own writing with no or very little paraphrasing is unacceptable and will be penalized.* Turnitin.com is used to check your essay’s originality. Copying and pasting from the internet or submitting another person’s work is considered plagiarism and plagiarized essays will be rejected.* Your essay should have at least 500 words. and 750 words max. Give your essay a suitable title.* Your essay should be typed according to the format specifications given below:a) Font: Arial, Size 12b) Title: Should be centered. Arial, Size 12- no quotation marks/no underlining/no italics/no boldc) Margins: A one-inch margin on the top, bottom, left, and right d) Lines: The entire essay should be double spaced.e) Indentation: The first line of each paragraph should be indented (1/2 inch or five spaces). There need not be extra spaces between paragraphs.f) Page numbering: Number all pages of your essay.g) Alignment: Choose “Align Left.
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