Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need a sample draft to h

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Your goal is to demonstrate understanding of the 4 elements associated with designing an effective warning label. These 4 elements are described 1) Signal word conveying the seriousness (e.g., Danger, Warning, or Caution)2) Description of the hazard (e.g., Risk of fall or collision)3) Consequences associated with the hazard (e.g., Risk of death)4) Behavior needed to avoid the hazard (e.g., Watch for obstacles)To do this, you are expected to perform the following actions and upload a single document to the designated Canvas module by the due date:A) Identify a problem: select any product in the real world and fully articulate a potential behavior that can be improved with a well written warning label, examples include: Preventing a small child from choking on a toy intended for older children, or Preventing an Ikea cabinet from tipping overB) Design Activity: create 2 original versions (short version and long version) of the same warning label. Use any design tool you feel comfortable with (e.g., MS Word, MS Power Point, hand draw it and scan it). Remember that you must include all 4 elements stated in the textbook (Lee, Wickens, Liu, & Boyle, 2017) to get full credit. Short Version: Create a short version that is constrained by a) 10 words or less, b) no color, and c) includes all 4 elements of a well-designed label. Long Version: Create a long version of the same label above with no constraints, get creative as long as all 4 elements of a well-designed label are included!

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