Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need an explanation and a

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Following the outline below, design a cross-cultural psychology research project based on a topic from any of the chapters in the text. Then, develop an implementation plan for this research project that any independent researcher could follow. You do not have to collect any data, this is a research plan.To help you get started, here are some common cultural dimensions used in cross-cultural psychology research that could be useful. Note that you can also use other cultural dimensions you may find in different chapters of the text (i.e., traditional vs. non-traditional culture):Cultural Dimensions (Hofstede, 2001):Power Distance (PD)
Uncertainty Orientation / Uncertainty Avoidance (UO / UA)
Masculinity and Femininity (MA)
Long Term Orientation (LTO)
Individualism and Collectivism (IC)Vertical Individualism
Horizontal Individualism
Vertical Individualism
Horizontal Individualism
Research Protocol (no less than 200 words)A complete description of the planned research study; very similar to an abstract you would find in a peer-reviewed journal. The research protocol should provide the information needed for reviewers to understand the scope of the study and serves as a guideline for the researcher to stay on target.Your assignment is to create an outline for your research project that includes the following five components.Objective(s) (no less than 200 words)
The purpose of the study (research questions and/or study objectives) should be clearly and succinctly stated. In descriptive research projects, the cultural dimension, and the variables of interest are identified, and your hypothesis with respect to their relationship will be presented. In experimental designs, objectives will be stated as hypotheses to be tested.
Background and Rationale (no less than 400 words)
This is your literature review.
You will need to acquire at least two (2) sources from peer reviewed journals.
A traditional literature review will summarize and synthesize the available research to provide justification for the study. Evaluate prior research for relevance to the research question under study. Describe the significance of the research including the potential benefit for individual subjects or society at large. For example, you could discuss how public health and social welfare might be enhanced by comparing cultural practices with respect to both.
For this assignment, the literature review will be an annotated bibliography
For this assignment identify at least two articles from peer-reviewed journals that you will use as the background for your research
Use APA style to cite the articles
Provide a very brief summary (3 – 4 sentences) about why each article is important to your research project
Research Design (no less than 400 words)
For both types of research methodologies:
Describe the cultural dimension, and the two cultures of interest that you are studying with your research project, and why you chose them
For a descriptive research project:
Describe your 2 variables of interest, and explain why you chose them (i.e., why you believe that there is a relationship between them)
Describe a survey you will use to collect data to support your hypothesis
For an experimental research project
Identify the Independent Variable in your study, and explain why you chose it
Identify the Dependent Variable in your study, and explain why you chose it
Sample/Participants (no less than 150 words)
You will be investigating cultural differences, so describe the two populations (i.e., people) of interest you will collect data from.
Identify how you will recruit participants
Methods (no less than 400 words)
For a descriptive study:
What type of survey(s) will you use?
For an experimental study:
What data are you going to collect (i.e., reaction time, preferences, etc)?How are you going to collect your data?What are you going to use to collect your data, a reaction time measure, video game, etc.)
Are there any ethical considerations?
NOTE – There are always ethical considerations; make note of them and describe how you will handle them.
Label each section and make note of the section word-length requirements. Start your assignment early and ask questions. I will not ‘pre-grade’ anything to ‘make sure you are on the right track’. I will answer questions to help clarify any confusion you may have with the assignment.Submission Format:Times new roman 12-point font
Double – Spaced
Submit assignment as a .pdf, .docx, or .txt file
Additional NotesI have included a Canvas page with surveys and research topics as resources to help with your project here (link leads to another page.)
As stated You can use research projects you have designed for other classes, MAKE SURE TO REWORK THEM TO FIT THIS ASSIGNMENT
Requirements: 8 pages   |   .doc file

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