Learning Goal: I’m working on a other question and need an explanation and answe

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Comparing Approaches to ConceptsWith this assignment, you will consider one of the conceptual terms that is important to each of the Portfolio Project case studies. ResearchGo to scholar.google.com and search for one of these concepts:Connective democracyPolitical communicationFree speechIn the left-hand menu, ensure that you are looking at sources that are no more than one year old (click on “Since…” to choose your timeframe)Select 3-5 publications to work with, choosing only from the linked files on the far right-hand side of the screen, which are available for no charge.WriteWrite an essay in which you show balanced analysis of the topic through the perspectives of the authors whose publications you chose.Address how each author establishes the following:Aim or purpose of the article or essay.Problem perceived or addressed in the publication.Theory or philosophical approach to the topic.Conclusion, along with any call to action.Requirements:Length: 1,000-1,100 words.3-5 credible academic or professional sources, and your sources should be no more than 1 year old.Use third person. (Links to an external site.)Format the essay and citations/references per APA style.Include feedback from the Smarthinking tutor after the References page
Requirements: 4 page,2 source,APA

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