Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need a sample draft to he

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Your final assignment is worth 25% of your final grade and you are provided two weeks to research, create a PowerPoint Presentation (8-10 slides). This is your final opportunity to show me what you’ve learned over the course of the semester. You must cite the textbook and other sources in your PowerPoint presentation and recording. The more you support your opinions, the higher your grade. You MUST support your opinion with your textbook and additional research. In your recorded presentation (where you will show the PowerPoint you created), you will research and answer the following question:What do you believe is the future of marketing and advertising? Why? Explain.These are important questions to consider. There are no ‘right answers but there are more informed, better researched answers. Use your textbook. Remember: this is an application question. I want you to apply what you know about marketing, the industry, social media, global marketing, and apply it to what is happening in the world right now.Include how technology, user-preferences, changes in buying behavior, Covid-19, social media, or any additional topics we’ve addressed over the course of the semester could potentially effect or impact the future of marketing and advertising.
To help you formulate a critical and informed response, I expect you to refer to your textbook, class videos, and additional articles from reliable sources to write create your presentation. Please use specific examples in your presentation and cite all work (you will include a works cited slide at the end of your presentation).

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